Let’s work together.

Results Begin with teamwork

We are listeners, questioners, and collaborative problem-solvers. We love what we do, making beautiful designs come alive while helping people like you make become visible in the world. We’re not the fastest or cheapest, but we’ll treat you fairly, share some laughs and work with you to achieve your goals and exceed expectations.

Randy Smith

Founder, Creative Director, Project Manager

Brett Stern

Managing Director

Robert Radtke

Lead Programmer / Head Guru - Hut

Alex Kastanas

Digital Marketing Lead, Content Developer, SEO

Heather Dundon

Digital Marketing, Content Developer

Amy Annette Henion

Digital Marketing, Content Developer, SEO

Jacob Ayers

Coder / Web Dev

Alexis Hancock

Digital Marketing, Content Developer, SEO

Nathan Klatt

Programmer / Code Monkey - Hut

Cory Huseby

Project Manager - Hut

Carol Smith

Billing, Accounts Receivables

Megan Collante

Video and Photography Content

Savannah Sullivan


Ashley Ohlrogge

Coder / Programmer - Hut

Rich Dupont

Customer Service, Email Management - Hut

Brady Smith

Loyal Companion. RIP 10/1/2003 - 12/8/2017