No two businesses are alike, therefore, every marketing strategy we create is unique and custom. We do not believe in the one-size-fits-all approach or the Gold, Silver, and Bronze package model, as they are designed to fail. We say that because we’ve worked with clients who have had negative experiences with other agencies who have that model and over promised and under delivered.

Our approach is unique in that everything we create is custom.

What Does a Custom Strategy Include?

From the minute we get your inquiry, we start researching. We research your business or organization, conduct high-level analysis of the current state of things, and look at other similar businesses to see what they are doing to stand out from the competition. We want to make sure we are prepared for our first conversation with you. Our process is simple:


1. Discovery

Our initial meeting includes an in-depth discovery session where our digital marketing team will interview you and your team to learn what your goals are, what you’re trying to achieve, the challenges you are facing and identify areas of opportunity to set you up for success.


2. Research

Following our discovery session, we conduct deeper research into your marketplace and learn what your competitors are doing. We look at this because it’s important to always be aware of what they are doing and create ways to do it better.


3. Strategy

Once the research is collected, we then form a holistic strategy that includes multiple channels to reach users across different digital touch points. The strategies we create are completely custom based on what we learn and identify in steps 1 and 2.


4. Plan

After the strategy is completed, we present it to you and discuss the thought and reasoning behind what we are recommending and proposing. We will walk through what each recommendation means and entails, share success stories of other clients, explain why it will work for you, and create project timelines.


5. Execute

Once the plan is in place, we execute all the initiatives in the custom created strategies. We monitor, assess and refine on an ongoing basis to ensure optimal results are achieved and you are exceeding your marketing goals.