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Transform Marketing Through Data Management.

Data management, it’s not the sexiest of terms, especially to a marketer. However, the ROI you can see when adopting a well-thought-out data management strategy is exponential. The days of the IT team managing data is over. Marketing is typically the first entry point for all leads, so it only makes sense that marketing operations are starting to take over the strategy and management of all data related to marketing and selling in a more hyper-personalized manner. Precision marketing starts and ends with data.

How a Data Management Strategy Drives Positive ROI

Control your data.

A holistic data management strategy provides marketers and sales with centralized control of all of their audience and campaign data. It helps those teams manage and analyze this data to create, target, and optimize campaigns that reach the right audience and drive improved ROI.

The following aspects of marketing and sales will reap the benefits of a well-maintained data management strategy:

  • Lead scoring
  • Lead routing
  • Segmentation and list building
  • Omni-channel digital marketing orchestration
  • Personalization
  • Account-Based Marketing (ABM)
  • Accurate reporting
  • Increased lead velocity through the sale pipeline
  • Increase in revenue

If your marketing and sales teams do not become data-driven, your competitors are and will be speaking to your potential customers in a more personalized way, on every channel, and more efficiently than you. By taking command of your data strategy you will see a plethora of positive downstream effects start to happen.

It’s time for marketing to step up to the plate and take on the accountability for your companies data management processes, technologies, and strategies. And we are here to help.

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