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Adsense -  A free advertisement service provided by Google that allows you to earn money by displaying ads next to your online content.

Affiliate manager -   The person who manages an affiliate program on behalf of an affiliate merchant online.


b2b meaning -  When a business sells products or services to another business (also, Business to Business).

b2c meaning -  A business that sells products or services directly to the end-user consumers. (Also, B2C)

barter definition -  To exchange goods or services without using any money.

blog definition -  A popular type of website or web page which is regularly updated and chronological that people and businesses use as a way to speak to their audience in a conversational style.


call to action definition -  A prompt on a website used to persuade the visitor to take a specific action next.(Also, CTA)

click through -  When a person clicks through an online advertisement that leads to the advertiser’s destination.

conversion marketing -  A marketing strategy used to increase the conversion rate or number of users who visit a site and will potentially convert into leads.

conversion rate -  The number of visitors to a website who complete the desired goal/action out of the total number of visitors. (Includes any activity outside of basic page browsing)

cost per lead -  Digital marketing payment model where the payment is based on the number of qualifying leads generated. (Also CPL)

cpa marketing -  Online marketing strategy in which the advertiser can pay for a specific action from a customer.

cpm -  Marketing term for the cost per 1,000 ad impressions (also called, “cost per mille”).


define incentivized -  When visitors have been offered some form of reward or compensation for visiting a web page or app.

disintermediation -  Bypassing existing channels to allow customers direct access to a service, product or information that would usually require a mediator.


ecpm -  An estimate of revenue you will receive per 1,000 ad impressions.(Also, “effective cost per mile”)

exclusivity -  A business strategy in marketing where a service or product is offered in a limited way to a selective group for a specific timeframe to draw interest.

ezine -  A magazine or newsletter that is only available in digital/electronic format and usually available on a website or emailed.


favicon -  A small, branded icon that helps users find your page easier if they have multiple tabs open.

first mover advantage -  When a firm has an advantage over it's competitors by being the first company to move into a new market.

forum definition -  An online discussion board where people can ask questions and read or post topics of mutual interest. It can also be utilized as a method of promotion where businesses can post their ads.


geo targeting -  The practice of detecting a website visitor’s location in order to serve content or advertisements within a defined geographic boundary to customers who meet specified criteria.


hosting definition -  The business of allowing your website to be seen and visited on the internet by providing storage, connectivity, and other services required.

house ads​​​​​​​ -  A self-promotional ad that a business runs on its own Web site to use space left from unsold advertising inventory.

html banner​​​​​​​ -  A type of advertisment resource usually found at the top of a web page and is more interactive.


interactive agency -  An agency based mostly in the digital realm offering services such as web design/development, digital marketing and ecommerce.

interstitials​​​​​​​ An ad that loads before or after a content page is displayed.



keyword marketing Getting your message in front of people who are searching using particular keywords and phrases.

keyword tag​​​​​​​ -  A meta tag used to highlight the primary keywords of a web page giving search engines more information about a page's content.


link text The clickable link text associated with a URL that brings the user to another page.

logfile​​​​​​​ A file that records the process and activity on a Web server or network system.


moderator A person who runs a group discussion, focus group or forum to provide guidelines and keep discussions relevant and productive.


netiquette definition A term, short for network etiquette, that represents the expected standard of acceptable behavior for online communication.


opt out meaning -  When messages are sent for marketing and promotion purposes and allow the recipient to remove themselves from future messages of this type.


payment threshold meaning -  The minimum confirmed commission an affiliate must earn within a specified timeframe to receive a payment from an affiliate program.

pop up ad​​​​​​​ -  A form of online advertising that displays in a new browser window that suddenly appears or 'pops' up.



rate card Document that provides non-fixed pricing for various ad placement options.

ros marketing​​​​​​​ Campaign ad option in which ad can be placed on any area or page of the given website.


search engine submission The direct submission of a URL to a search engine to make a search engine aware of a site or page.

serp​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ The page listings that a search engine returns after a user submits a search query.

sig file​​​​​​​ -  A small text file that is used at the end of emails/messages to identify the sender and provide additional information such as address or phone number.

social networking -  The practice of creating and growing relationships between like-minded people and businesses using online platforms.

spam comments -  Comments posted to a blog with the sole intent to advertise their own business or website.

super affiliate -  The highest performing affiliate of an affiliate program’s activity.


title tag An HTML tag that defines the title of your webpage for both people and search engines


url -  The virtual unique identifier used to locate a resource on the internet




web directory An organized, online list of categorized websites.

what are frames​​​​​​​ -  A web development structure that allows the dividing of a web page into two or more parts.

what is pagejacking​​​​​​​  Illegally copying website content to another website designed to be a copy of the original website.

what is sponsorship -  A type of advertising where an advertiser and publisher are more closely collaborating in their marketing efforts.