A case study: HELM

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The folks behind helm. had an idea. The southeast-based lawyers at Johannesmeyer & Sawyer wanted to take the legal process into the virtual world…only problem was, that wasn’t really a thing. They came to Sync with a vision and tasked us with creating a fully-functional website for their online law firm. We built them one…from scratch. www.meethelm.com was launched in late 2017.




Challenges & Objectives

A lot of clients start out with a website they want to improve. helm. was starting precisely from square one. They knew what they wanted – a clean, easy-to-use website and killer branding execution – but they really didn’t have a template for getting there. We listened, provided guidance, and determined exactly what their site needed, from holistic scheduling software to CRM-integrated data capture. In the end, we implemented several third-party software tools along with a bunch of custom functionalities to make their site as comprehensive as it is today.





Design Strategy

Before they found us, helm. worked with an awesome branding strategist who gave them some guidance around colors, logo, and even font. We worked those ideas into their site’s overall aesthetic, adding to it a few of our own branding suggestions. It was really important to helm. for their site to be clean, modern, and provide an amazing user experience (UX). Pages should be light on content, heavy on intention, and mobile-responsive. helm. also wanted to incorporate a touch of whimsey in their messaging – because what law firm doesn’t? – which is where all the nautical puns came in. We shore dove in head-first (sorry.)



Marketing Strategy

Because helm.’s online legal services are so straightforward, we thought their marketing should be, too. The messaging we create for them is streamlined and concise - their services are very specific so they require a specific voice to articulate. Today helm.’s digital marketing efforts are focused on young professionals, tech-savvy individuals, small business owners, and a few other groups who are likely to appreciate the ease-of-use of an online law firm.






Very few law firms conduct business through an online portal. Executing meethelm.com was an exercise in the unknown… good news is, building something from scratch gives us room to be creative (and reduces the time we spend updating outmoded design.) The end-goal for helm. was a site that was scalable, different, and useful for attracting talent down the road. And on top of all that, a marketing strategy to keep the engine running.




helm. couldn’t be more excited about their new site. Confident that they’ve laid the foundation for a groundbreaking online presence, they’re actively involved in helping us plan out future strategies and campaigns. Things are running so smoothly, helm. got a brand new client the first week their site went live! That’s “before the ink was even dry,” in digital-speak. Breaking new ground in this project was a fantastic opportunity for both helm. and for us here at Sync.