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Synchronicity was my first choice for the custom needs of our website rejuvenation. If you want a professional team with great values and honesty I would choose them. They are very flexible and have a knowledgeable team who can adapt to most any situation.
Matthew Scanland
Matthew Scanland
Virginia Tech

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Find out how we generated 118 marketing qualified leads in just six months.

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How a Revitalized Digital Marketing Strategy Started Generating Real Results for AccruePartners

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Meet AccruePartners.

Over the last 20 years, AccruePartners has grown into the Charlotte region’s largest independent staffing agency.  Boasting 6 successful lines of business – the Accrue team is filled with subject matter experts in Accounting & Finance, Information Technology, Marketing, Human Resources, Financial Services, and Corporate Support.

The company is committed to unparalleled quality of service and recruiting expertise, and believes that the company's roots and culture set them apart from other talent solutions providers.

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01. Discovery

The Problem:

Marketing efforts fell flat.

AccruePartners first approached Synchronicity for help with managing and improving their website. The conversation soon turned to their newly implemented marketing automation tool, and the lack of results they were seeing from their SEO, paid search and content marketing efforts. After extensive discovery, our digital marketing team delivered Accrue’s custom strategy to overhaul their approach to creating relevant content, streamlining their marketing automation processes, and improving the ROI of their paid search efforts.

02. Strategy

The Solution: 

Apply a custom, holisitic strategy.

Accrue’s digital marketing plan focused on reaching its target audience online and creating content that provided actionable information with a humanized tone and voice for both hiring managers and job candidates. Their strategy also included elevating the graphic design of all their content to reflect a clean, modern aesthetic.

03. Execution

Monitor, learn, adjust.

By conducting quarterly SEO audits and utilizing the Google ad network for PPC and display ads they were able to maximize their reach and engage with their target audience(s). Through strategic planning, the team also created, published, and distributed high-quality content every month to keep their current clients and candidates engaged.


4. Results   

In just 6 months...


Increased overall traffic by 98%


Increased new users by 95%


Increased whitepaper download conversions by 238%


Increased organic traffic by 25%


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