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Matthew Scanland
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5/27/21, 8:52 AM

It can be overwhelming for a business to consider which ways to distribute content effectively. Even established companies struggle to distribute content on a new channel, blog, or social media platform and whether they should be on all of them.

It's crucial to be strategic in your methods. Start thinking about your intentions and goals for your business, whether you want to bring in new customers or establish your brand as an expert leader in your industry. Whatever your goals, it's essential to be mindful of the time, resources, and chosen channels you'll need to dedicate to creating and distributing content.

What channels should you use?

Knowing and understanding your demographic can help you narrow down which platforms and channels you should decide to work with so that your message can effectively reach your customers. You can start with one platform, i.e. your website, and work to master reaching that audience before branching out with others, or you can work on establishing a small presence through a multi-channel approach, i.e. social media, emails, etc.

Which channel has a higher value for users?

Which channel would have a higher value for users for distributing content depends entirely on the industry and the demographic that the industry is trying to reach with content. Although there is some overlap of users across channels, different content distribution channels will typically have its own specific audience that it will reach.

Multi-channel content distribution

There are a variety of channels that will allow you to distribute content effectively, whether it's to established followers or to reach a new prospective audience.


Producing high-quality content helps produce higher rankings and better results from audience interaction because of its natural ability to create an experience through storytelling. It creates an authentic experience. Authenticity is important and effective. It offers the ability to develop a relationship through content storytelling, and this is influential because it allows your audience to feel connected. It also enables your audience a unique opportunity to interact with your company.

Why organic is a higher value

Organic content and its distribution offer a higher value because of its ability to tell a story and attract users to interact in a natural way. Creating a connection with your audience is essential, and there isn't a connection without storytelling. Organic reach is also highly effective because content isn't being forced into the feeds of your audience as they would be through paid and social advertisements.


Paid options for distributing content are generally done through display advertisements, social media advertising, radio, video, and podcast advertisements. You can choose to create organic content and post to social media channels and optimize the post's reach by boosting through a paid social ad.

Choosing to pursue paid options for distributing content is essential and an effective way to boost your reach to a new prospective audience. Paid options are geared toward your chosen demographic that your business serves. It allows you an opportunity to gain more followers who otherwise would have never seen your organic content had you not opted to boost a post or run a specific advertisement.


It's important to create a strategy and have goals when choosing which social platforms to distribute content to. Do your research to determine your target audience that aligns with your brand and industry. It's also beneficial to see which social channels your competitors are active on. Take a look at their audience size and how engaged their audience is.

Once you've done your research and have a strategy and goals, it's important to find out what type of content you want to create that will speak to your audience and inspire them to want to interact with your business.

As you carry out your strategy, it's important to measure your success. This will help you see if you're on target with your approach and help you generate ideas for future content, both organic and paid to reach to help grow your audience.


Distributing content through e-mail marketing is effective for growing your audience and nurturing prospective sales leads.

E-mail marketing is most effective by offering an audience a free resource through generated content that pertains to your business. This could be a free download or the promise of regular quarterly newsletters to keep your customers or stakeholders updated on your business or any interests your demographic may have.

Having a list of email contacts helps create potential sales leads for the present, as well as for the future. Those potential leads can continue to be nurtured through any regular email content you plan to send out. You can also generate campaigns that will allow you to monetize your email contacts for future business.

Not sure where to start with effectively distributing your content?

We offer a full range of digital marketing lead generation and content development services for B2B companies - we work with companies from manufacturing to energy to logistics and telecommunications. To learn more about how we can help create and distribute content that converts, contact us today.

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