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Matthew Scanland
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Do you want your employees to utilize their LinkedIn accounts but aren't quite sure what that means? Maybe you've had an account for years and never really did much on the platform. While LinkedIn offers a great platform for posting a virtual resume, it also allows a space for professionals to make connections with other people in their immediate circles, extended circles or industry circles.

As a B2B company, your connections are important, and your employees can help grow that network. Employees acting as company advocates on LinkedIn can boost your company's image.

Teaching your employees to use LinkedIn will also help their professional image and help them present a confident front as an expert. Your program to encourage LinkedIn posting could be considered part of their professional development.

What Should LinkedIn Be Used For?

There are a few ways LinkedIn can benefit your company and employees. Understanding the benefits can help you have a clear vision for how employees can best use LinkedIn as professionals.

  • Job Hunting/Recruiting: One of the most well-known uses for LinkedIn is finding new talent and recruiting employees. Employers use LinkedIn to look at employee resumes, connections and professional activity.
  • Networking: As a B2B, use LinkedIn to make connections in your industry and learn about important customer behavior trends. LinkedIn can help your employees increase their professional networks and connect your company with new partners as well. LinkedIn is set up to help people connect based on common interests, industries and mutual relationships.
  • Thought Leadership: Unlike other social platforms, LinkedIn specifically sets itself apart as a platform for developing and showcasing thought leadership. Most professionals in the space offer insights and musings that are relevant to their industry or position. Solid posting can help professionals and brands stand out as leaders in their space.
  • Company Growth: B2B Companies can use LinkedIn to increase their reach with other businesses, buyers and top talent. LinkedIn offers a unique opportunity for businesses to establish branding while targeting relevant industry players and stakeholders.

LinkedIn Best Practices For Employees to Follow

Once you've defined objectives for professional LinkedIn use, you can offer insights to your employees. Teaching employees how to present themselves professionally on LinkedIn requires understanding the nuances of the business-focused social platform.


Platform Etiquette

Every social media site has its own set of common behaviors considered normal and expected for the platform. While Instagram is more image-based, Twitter leans on news blurbs and quick thoughts. And while Facebook is typically tied to daily personal life, Snapchat is more off-the-cuff.

LinkedIn is very centered around business and the professional world. The etiquette on LinkedIn should be a lot like what you'd typically expect in the office or at a business conference. People make observations, share experiences, discuss relevant topics and post about their successes, struggles or failures. Content on this platform doesn't need to be rigid and formal, but it should be professional.


Proper Tones

Getting the right tone on LinkedIn is important for networking and branding. For your employees, establishing their personal brand will help them flourish as professionals. For your company, the tone of your company page and employee accounts will help other businesses know what to expect. Many professionals on LinkedIn choose tones that are inspirational, motivational, passionate, excited, driven or knowledgeable.


Profile Picture

It's a good idea to use a high-quality professional headshot for your LinkedIn profile. The profile picture on LinkedIn is typically a bit serious and thought-out. Employees should use an image that helps set the tone they use on the platform.


Content Sharing

The platform has a feed where you can see posts and activity from those you are connected to or follow. Like other social media platforms, activity on LinkedIn will help increase visibility. Employees can share relevant content and participate in dialogs.


Reciprocal Activity

It's always best practice to respond to people who comment on your posts. On LinkedIn, you can also react with an award. The more you connect with other people, the more likely they are to increase engagement with you.


Industry News

Posting interesting and relevant news on LinkedIn can show industry awareness. Companies can encourage employees to post industry news by sharing articles internally.


If you want help developing your LinkedIn strategy and best practice guidelines for employee posting, we can help! At Synchronicity, we help B2B companies implement game-changing growth strategies. Reach out today, and let's talk.

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