Cohesive marketing produces a number of outcomes, including a better return on investment (ROI). By keeping your messages and habits consistent, you can avoid the temptation to "try out" new trends as an experiment. Instead, you can incorporate the newest marketing tactics into your well-formed marketing strategy to truly harness the power of innovation.

A cohesive marketing strategy allows companies to promote their products and services under the umbrella of one main strategy. To achieve success using this approach, it's necessary to commit to consistency, work effectively as a team, and know how to leverage the power of bringing in additional resources.

Consistent Messaging

If new messaging is well thought out and carefully planned, the likelihood that it will help boost your results is high. Some of the best marketing minds are creative and willing to embrace innovative ideas. To make the most of your team's willingness to try new things, it's important to reinforce the idea that consistency is the number one priority.

Before you try something new, make sure it fits with your industry. Explore situations where it may or may not resonate with your target audience. Most importantly, if a new social media channel or marketing tactic is foreign territory, consult with marketing experts to get some feedback on how it may or may not work for your brand.

Using Multiple Channels

In general, there are six digital marketing strategies that companies commonly use as part of their cohesive marketing strategy: social media, paid search, organic search, web, email marketing, and content marketing. Many successful companies use only a few of these methods to support their message in an effort to retain and attract customers.

If you are only using one or two channels, consider how adding a few additional channels may give your marketing efforts a boost. Now is a great time to bring in marketing experts to help you tweak your message to better appeal to customers that may be using a channel or method that's new to you.

In many cases, a strong email campaign could get a valuable boost from further exposure on social media. Each component can complement another if used properly to create a result that helps you reach and exceed your ROI goals.

Marketing Technology

Marketing technology (MarTech) includes the right set of tools designed to support your marketing team's efforts This technology is useful when marketing teams want to optimize their efforts across multiple marketing channels while remaining consistent with their message and being able to accurately report on results.

If you are new to marketing technology, consider leveraging the expertise of a digital marketing agency to help you integrate the tech that may benefit your team most. There's no need to start over; your marketing efforts may simply need a refresh and some support from proven MarTech tools.

Internal Marketing Team and Resources

When it comes to creating a cohesive marketing strategy to grow your business, your internal marketing team is likely the most valuable resource available to your company. Even high-performing marketing teams suffer from occasional bottlenecks and breaks in communication, however. If your team seems to be in a rut or would benefit from an infusion of new ideas, turning to outside resources is one way to give the marketing department the boost that can come with additional tools and outside energy.


How A Cohesive Marketing Strategy Could Help Your Business

A cohesive marketing strategy is consistent and scalable. It offers your customers a clear message about your company and how you can help them solve an important problem in their lives. In order for you to achieve maximum ROI and reap the rewards of a well-formed and forward-thinking marketing plan, you may need to call on outside resources.

At Synchronicity, we recommend marketing strategies that consider every aspect of your digital presence as it relates to your overarching message. Our goal is to help businesses reach their marketing goals while achieving maximum ROI for their organization. A cohesive marketing strategy could be the difference between growing slowly and reaching your goals at a quicker pace.

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