Questions to Ask a Digital Marketing Agency Before Signing on the Dotted Line

2/12/16, 1:04 PM

So, you’ve come to the realization that you need your website to not just be a place for visitors to gather information on your company and go elsewhere. Rather you want it start being the mean, lean, lead generation machine it was meant to be; something that serves as 24/7/365 extension of your sales team. Great decision!

While that decision may not have come easy, you are now faced with an even more difficult decision.

Where do you begin in terms of finding the right agency to turn this sales machine on and get it operating at peak performance? Keep in mind the website you once knew is about to grow up and become the digital marketing platform it was always meant to be.

Here’s a handy list of questions you should be getting good answers to from any digital marketing agency you are talking with about taking on your project.

The Pre-Hire Checklist for Digital Marketing Agencies

  1. Has the agency done work in your industry or business sector?
  2. Does the agency have references, testimonials or case studies?
  3. Is the agency certified by Google AdWords, Google Analytics & other marketing platforms?
  4. What fees does the agency charge? Are there minimum budget requirements? Are there campaign set-up fees? What are the contract terms?
  5. What are the basic services offered? e.g. Search Engine Optimization, Paid Search Advertising, Display Advertising and Retargeting, Social Media Advertising, Inbound Marketing, Content Marketing, etc.
  6. What additional services are offered? e.g. Analytics consulting to help you set up tracking and determine the best way to measure the success of your marketing; Marketing automation implementation to help you get the most from your marketing platform; Landing page creation and testing for paid media campaigns; Buyer persona development to help you better understand your buyers and target them with relevant inbound marketing; Remarketing campaigns to target past website visitors, etc.
  7. Will all the work be created and managed in-house?
  8. What is included in your monthly digital marketing engagement? Have the agency detail out all of the activities they will be performing.
  9. Does the agency provide regular reports on their progress? How often? Have them show examples of what you will be receiving.
  10. How does the agency plan to measure success? Are there clear cut goals in place with open visibility on progress?
  11. Will the agency work within your current CRM or marketing automation platform?
  12. Who will be managing the account and completing the work?
  13. How often are client/agency communications?
  14. Is the agency’s team regularly trained and educated on emerging and changing trends?

Need Help Creating Your Digital Marketing Strategy?

With a deep experience creating digital marketing platforms and activating digital marketing and SEO campaigns for businesses and companies nationwide, Synchronicity can help you turn on the engine to your website to create a working strategy where you will see results impacting your bottom line.

To learn more about Synchronicity and our digital marketing services, visit our website or call 866-397-7962 to speak with us directly. Let us help you connect with your customers online!


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