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The Marketer's Guide to Lead Lifecycle Stages

Lead lifecycle stages indicate a growing level of interest and help determine the messaging and content to be delivered during each phase. They serve as indicators for when to communicate to the lead and what the message should be during that time frame.

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How to use Hashtags

Using the wrong hashtags can send people away from your content or to unrelated content. Oftentimes people use hashtags that have little or nothing to do with the content being posted. One of the most important things to note: are you using the right ones?


From Brand To Demand

Your branding is the map to developing each pillar of your business. For a company to succeed, you must dig deep into not only your vision but how that vision relates to and benefits your ideal customers.

INSIDER: A Marketer's Guide to Different Marketing Automation Platforms (MAPs)

In the competitive world of business tools, marketing automation platforms have leapt to the front of the pack: 51% of companies are currently using them.  Looking how marketing efforts impacted the previous quarter’s sales is also just not good enough. Marketing automation platforms (MAPs) give marketers the ability to design, implement, and track marketing efforts with a view to what’s currently working and what is likely to work in the future.

Why We Became A Remote Agency In 2020

With the growth of telecommuting and flexible in-office hours, our employees can finally achieve that elusive work-life balance as they reclaim time that they would've spent in traffic.



Communications Tips for Remote Working

Transitioning to a remote working environment can be difficult to navigate through this new normal. That said, here are a few basic communication tips to maintain a strong team environment.

Should you hire a Marketing Manager OR a Digital Marketing Agency?

Choosing whether or not to hire an agency for digital marketing needs or to bring in an in-house marketing manager can be a very difficult decision. There are absolutely pros and cons for both scenarios, however, there are several things you should consider before making your decision. In this video, we will explain the difference between working with an agency versus an in-house marketing manager and where you should set your expectations.

RFP: A Request For Problems

An RFP rarely identifies what problem the client is looking to solve. The better way to get the end result you want in the website design process is identify a few agencies you want to target, reach out to them individually and have a discovery call or meeting with them where you get to know one another and can share information back and forth.